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Our history has provided us with an expertise in valuating all types of machinery & equipment, including franchise and non-franchise restaurants, restaurant equipment, leasehold improvements, Laundromats, construction equipment, aircrafts and fleet vehicles, and manufacturing machinery just to name a few.

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Restaurant Equipment

Construction Equipment

Leasehold Improvements



Manufacturing Equipment


Randy Frey has set the bar for Machinery & Equipment valuation through his completion of thousands of machinery and equipment valuations over the last 30 years. His experience includes being the founder of Frey & Company Valuations, mentoring appraisers across Western Canada, and being on the Board of Directors for two credit unions. He has appraised a wide variety of asset types which include aircrafts, breweries, autobody repair facilities, car washes, construction & excavation equipment, retail stores, cranes, fleet vehicles, drycleaners and laundromats, printing and silk screening facilities, fitness centres, restaurants and franchises, manufacturing facilities and custom machinery, and oilfield assets.  

Accepted by all major financial institutions.


Our appraisers have experience serving clients across Canada, from the northern territories to the coast, and everywhere in between. 

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